Useful Links

Click on any of the blue links below to be taken to the requested site.  These are valuable links to use during the school year.  

School Messenger Quick tip
School Messenger Quick Tip allows to you submit an anonymous tip to school and district officials.  Click the above link and follow the prompts. 

Online School Payments
Online School Payments allows you to pay for school fees, fundraisers, field trips ... just about anything the school collects fees for.  Click the above link and set up your account. 
Bus Stop Finder
If your child will be riding the bus to school, the above link will help you find their bus number, stop and pick up/drop off times. 

Bus Stop Request
If you have checked the link above BUS STOP FINDER, and cannot find a stop for your child, you may need to request one.  School staff cannot request a stop.  Please click the above link and fill out the online request form. 

HCDE Informational Links
If you require information that is not listed on our website, this is a useful page on the main HCDE website.  

Titan School Solutions
Titan School Solutions is the new payment system for lunches - a'la carte/extra items and adults meals.  School lunches are FREE until the end of the year.  This system is helpful if you want to add money to your child's school lunch account for extra items they might want during the week. 
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