RAPTOR - Visitor Management System

HCDE has implemented a new visitor management system called RAPTOR.  Some of you have already used it.  Beginning in August 2018, all schools in Hamilton County will have this system installed and working.  This means that each visitor, parent, and volunteer will BE REQUIRED to present identification upon entry to our building.  


The Raptor System can help your school screen out registered sex offenders, manage custody issues, coordinate volunteers, and respond to emergencies. Over 20,000 campuses across the U.S. trust Raptor to keep their students safe.

The entire process for the office to scan your ID takes less than 1 minute!  You must be scanned once as a parent/guardian and once as a visitor/volunteer.  Once both of these scans have occurred, you will no longer need to produce your ID.  Simply tell the office staff your name and as long as your picture matches your name, you will be approved and your visitor slip will be printed for entry to the building. 

We ask for your patience and understanding as we continue this transition with this new system.  We assure you it is for the safety and utmost concern for your children.  

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