Car, Daycare and Van Information

At CDESA, we are very fortunate to have several daycare vans and after school program vans that are available to pick your child up if you cannot be at home when they get home.  

Please understand that we do not have an after school care program and staff is off duty at 3:20 pm.  If you cannot pick your child up by this time and they do not ride the bus or walk, please consider signing them up for one of the following programs, each of which have vans that pick up at the school in the afternoon:

The Bethlehem Center
South Chattanooga Recreation Center
Alton Park Child Development Center

If your child is a car rider, you will be provided with a car tag to hang in your window.  Please be sure that anyone picking up your child has this number displayed in their car.  


Car drop off in the morning is in the back circle near the playground.  PLEASE do not pull into the front circle to drop off your student.  The front circle is for buses only.  Please do not pull in to the parking lot to drop off. PRE-K IS NOW LOCATED IN OUR ANNEX BUILDING.  Those parents with Pre-K students will need to pull onto Carl White Place and pull into the fenced/gated area of the annex building for Pre-K drop off.  No students should be dropped off in the parking lot.  This is for the safety of YOUR child.  


Afternoon car pick up is the same.  Students will be picked up in the back near the playground.  PLEASE do not park in the front circle.  The front circle is for bus pick up ONLY.  Please make sure you have your car number displayed in your window. 

Pre-K students will be picked up FROM THE ANNEX BUILDING FENCED/GATED AREA.  Please pull onto Carl White Place and pull into the fenced area to sign out your child.  Please do not go to the front door of the annex and ask to be buzzed in.  No parents are allowed in the building due to COVID-19 restrictions.  


All walkers will be dismissed before car and bus riders to ensure their safety.  

Van riders will leave as their vans arrive. 
Buses will leave as their buses arrive. 

For the safety of ALL STUDENTS, NO TRANSPORTATION changes can be taken over the phone.  You may email your child's teacher or send them a message (if they allow) to tell them if you have a change.  

There will be NO STUDENTS dismissed after 2:30 pm.  The front doors will remain locked from 2:30 pm until dismissal begins to ensure a smooth and timely dismissal. 

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