Magnet Enrollment

HamiltonCounty’s Magnet Schools offer families a choice in selecting an educational program where the curriculum is built around a focused theme. Calvin Donaldson is proud to offer an educational program focused on environmental science. Admission into a magnet school is by application on a space-available basis. Applications are made available yearly from November 1stto January 31st. Seats are then filled by a lottery or random selection process done in February.

The acceptance into a magnet school requires the following commitments from parents/guardians:

  • Provide a minimum of 18 service hours to the school
  • Attend at least two parent/teacher conferences per year
  • Ensure child has good attendance with minimal unexcused absences and/or tardies
  • Ensure child follows the Code of Acceptable Behavior & Discipline Policy as stated by the Hamilton County Board of Education

If any of the above conditions are NOT met, the child may lose his/her magnet seat and will be expected to attend his/her zone school.

Students that are considered magnet at CDESA are not provided transportation.  Parents must make arrangements to get their child to and from school.  Magnet school bus policies can be found HERE

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