Welcome to CDESA

Dear Families,

Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year! Calvin Donaldson Environmental Science Academy is the fastest improving school in Hamilton County. We have an energetic and dynamic staff that is excited and well-prepared for this school year. We are happy to work with all of you on a quest for excellence.

Our number one goal for the 2018-2019 academic year is to make radical improvements in student achievement. Our Donaldson team wants all of our students to learn, grow, and become the best thinkers they can be. Excellence will actively be sought in every classroom every day as we engage your children in high quality lessons and hands-on experiences. With perseverance, energy, and your support, I have no doubt that our children will make great gains.

Parent involvement is essential for the success of each child and our school. It is our goal to develop and maintain open and effective, two-way communication between and among students, teachers, parents and administrators. Our newly formed Principal’s Advisory Team will be asked to work with me closely as I seek to make CDESA better for all children. Other opportunities for parents to participate will present themselves throughout the year. These include events such as: Celebration of Excellence Showcases, Data and Desserts, Parent Conferences, Art with Me, and others. I invite you to spend time with us throughout the year as we work together to move CDESA forward.

Thank you in advance for sharing your children with us! We look forward to an excellent year!


Rosalynda Odom

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