Retention & Acceleration

Grade retention or acceleration may increase the likelihood that a student will succeed in meeting challenging academic expectations at the next grade level. Retention provides a second opportunity to master skills, while acceleration increases the likelihood that academic expectations will be challenging.

Grade retention or acceleration of students will depend on several factors including:
Academic skills, maturity, satisfactory completion of work, likely success in completing the academic work at the next grade level and parental input.

The teacher and/or principal will meet with the parents/guardians at least three months before the end of the school year about the reasons that grade retention or acceleration may be recommended. If retention or acceleration is a consideration, academic interventions will be implemented to address the needs of the student.

The principal, teacher and parents/guardians will meet prior to the end of the school year to discuss the student’s progress. Based on this, the student will be retained or accelerated if the principal decides it is in the best interest of the student. Strong consideration will be given to the parental concerns; however, the principal will make the final decision.

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