Behavior Expectations

Hamilton County Department of Education
Code of Acceptable Behavior and Discipline

Hamilton County students are expected to behave in a way that does not interrupt the education of other students, or endanger other students or themselves. The following behaviors are not acceptable:
Violence Against Teacher or Student
Possession of Weapons, Illegal Drugs, or Drug Paraphernalia
Substance Abuse
For a complete copy of the Code of Acceptable Behavior and Discipline and consequences for offenders, refer to HCDE website: Code of Acceptable Behavior

As noted in the Hamilton County Code of Acceptable Behavior and Discipline, an orderly atmosphere is necessary for learning. Calvin Donaldson has developed a school wide discipline plan that incorporates district-wide expectations for behavior. Also, each class has developed a discipline plan which will be shared with parents/guardians by the teacher.

Cell phones, pagers, video games, iPods, CD players, other electronic devices, toys, snacks, candy, and/or gum are not allowed. If a student brings one of these items or any item that disrupts any educational activities at school, it will be collected by the administration and a parent or guardian must come to the school to collect the item. A second offense will result in the item being kept until the end of the school year.

*The administration reserves the right to collect any item that disrupts any educational activities both on and off campus.

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