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  About The School  

Vision Statement

At CDESA, our mission is to foster responsible problem solvers who communicate and persevere, while respecting themselves and others.

Community Circle

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Community Circle is a structure that is embedded into our culture to build a sense of pride among staff and students as well as celebrate success in both academics and character.  This is a ritualized school-wide celebration that is a part of the Donaldson culture and occurs every other month.

Daily Crew Meetings

Daily crew meetings are morning meetings that occur in each class.  These meetings are planned and focused around an academic or problem solving strategy.   These meetings are designed to bring students and staff together, promote shared understandings, and encourage all community members to become crew, not passengers.  This meeting supports students socially, emotionally and academically.

Core Values

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The Donaldson core practices are the foundation for everything taught at Calvin Donaldson.  It is our mission to teach and instill these values in our students.  

Environmental Science

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Calvin Donaldson Academy takes the Environmental Science focus beyond textbooks and into the practical world with a variety of campus amenities to support learning. Classrooms use the campus Wetland, Cherokee council house field station, two campus gardens, state of the art Science lab, indoor grow centers, and open design playground to engage students in Environmental Science case studies. In addition to facilities that equip students for Science inquiry, Calvin Donaldson has a dedicated field expedition specialist. This specialist facilitates Environmental studies through outreach, field trips, and support of classroom projects. Both facilities and staff are dedicated to quality Environmental Science pursuits and as such students at Calvin Donaldson benefit. 

Project Based Learning